Our workshops provide business services such as packaging, assembly and more. If you are a business owner or manager interested in these flexible, cost-saving services, go here.

VSI Workshops:
The Core of Our Services

Extended Employment in VSI’s three workshops offers a wide range of employment options for people with developmental disabilities – and a lot more.

Free training and experience in a work environment are only the start. Workers experience the pride of earning a paycheck, producing goods and services for small businesses and national corporations. VSI’s kworkshops are also important opportunities for our employees to meet friends and socialize.

Much More Than “Just A Job”

While VSI’s opportunities for employment are outstanding, we’ve provided more than jobs for people with disabilities for over 50 years.

Activities like annual parades and floats, making friends and even parties are a big part of VSI. Our Consumer Award events are enjoyable for all of our workers, their parents, guardians, friends and other members of the community.

We involve parents and guardians in our formal planning and also as part of our ongoing advisory group. We make sure that every one of our workers is free to pursue the choices he or she wants and needs.

Transportation coordination is one example. We can help schedule rides for employees who need help getting from home to work and back, both for our workshops and for our community-based employment. This isn’t something new, either. VSI established the organization providing this service!

These are some of the reasons that VSI has successfully served Northlanders with developmental disabilities for decades. If a student, friend or loved one might use these services, contact us today.

VSI operates three workshops, two in Liberty and one in North Kansas City. Additionally, each of the three locations offers some unique services for both the workers and business customers. The latter are important because their contracts are critical to supporting these services, making them much lower in cost for taxpayers to support these services for a total of over 150 workers.

Located in North Kansas City, Shop No. 1 is the organization’s oldest and remains in the community where VSI began 51 years ago. Like the other two workshops, the North Kansas City location serves a variety of companies in the business community, from small startups that “go big” thanks to VSI’s flexible services to some of the largest and most demanding corporations in the nation. Shop No. 1 serves approximately 55 employees.

Shop No. 2 in Liberty is the largest, with 82 workers. It also hosts several unique programs, including VSI’s original first-aid kits for pets and VSI’s PrintShop. Both of these services expand VSI’s business footprint, increasing opportunities for employees with disabilities. These and other developments help offset traditional workshop business losses, which have occurred in recent years due to international competition and automation.

Workshop No. 3 with approximately 42 employees is VSI’s smallest, but it too offers some unique options. This capable group generally handles some of VSI’s most complex and difficult jobs and has earned respect from some of the most demanding customers for the workers’ ability to deliver important work on time with high quality.

The work produces important results in other ways as well. Among those served, VSI workshops record a 91 percent satisfaction rate and a 94 percent satisfaction rate by stakeholders.

These results are no accident. The international accrediting organization, CARF, praised VSI for its organization-wide consumer-first attitude. Consumers indicated that they deeply appreciate the respect staff members give them. Enriching consumers’ lives is an priority of VSI.

Nationally accredited and state certified, VSI has been providing employment and other services for people with disabilities for over 50 years – and serving the business community with on-demand, flexible services and programs.

VSI services include a proven array of programs for people with disabilities and outstanding services for businesses. Read More.

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